Richard Onebamoi is on a mission with a mandate to inspire your performance, expand your imagination, cultivate your dreams, help you discover, develop, deploy and maximize your God-given potential(s). He delivers motivational, inspirational and life-enhancing presentations. He teaches people how to activate their dreams, empowering them to succeed. Success is your birthright, whether you want to move on to the next level in life personally or professionally. You will also learn:

  1. The Keys to identify your true potential(s)
  2. How to develop vision & Identify vision killers
  3. The power of association
  4. How to maximize your potential(s)
  5. Aligning your values, your priorities, and your reality
  6. How to develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  7. How to set attainable goals congruent with your core values
  8. How to overcome the roadblocks to your success
  9. How to create a significant future
  10. How to clarify what you really want
  11. How to create a conducive atmosphere for development
  12. Determine what you need for fulfillment
  13. Building confidence and developing self-esteem
  14. The anatomy of frustration
  15. And many more


  1. Crafting a personal philosophy for success
  2. Creating a conducive atmosphere for development
  3. Habits of highly motivated people
  4. Leadership principles
  5. Success power points
  6. Personal-coaching and strategies for success

Believing that your objectives will be achieved is not enough, no matter the areas of your life whether personal or professional in which you may desire to succeed, you must have strategies in place to give you direction, momentum and taking action congruent with your expectation as you navigate toward success.


Do you need a multi-gifted motivational speaker for your business, group, or church organization; You can book Richard Onebamoi for

Church Organization: Richard has a background as the founder and senior pastor for a growing-church and oversees many other churches where he activates and mentors thousands through inspired sermons, leadership training, youth empowerment seminars, and workshops.

Company or Small Business: Do your employees need personal motivation or personal development to take them to the next level of experience? Richard is able to provide leadership, educational and personal development training that will instruct, motivate, empower and maximize potential(s), which will impact their personal and professional performance awakening the unlimited power of achievement within!

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